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  1. Pascal April 22, 2012

    Hi Hannah!

    I just read your column ‘Devoted but Dateless’.

    Two thoughts: For a divorced mother of two teenager, even including one with a disability, why should a prospective new partner be needed as father? Maybe you should just level with your dates but say that your not looking for a father for your kids as you’ve managed to raise them alone even with autism being an issue, but that you are just looking for a partner.

    The other thought: Why not try dating a man with Asperger’s Syndrome (a much milder condition in the Autism spectrum)? If you manage to get hold of one you like and which is able to handle his life on his own, he might actually be a help with your son as he will have an intuitive grasp of autism, even if he’s not exactly asuming a role of a father. Who knows, with the right man this might actually be crazy enough to work…

    Pascal from Switzerland


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