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What the critics are saying about If I Could Tell You:

The Jewish Week: “A compelling read for any parent of young children.”

New York Post: “Required reading . . . [The heroines] draw on each other’s humor, hearts and hope.”

The Jerusalem Post: “Engagingly realistic, allowing for a genuine empathy with its characters and their travails. . . Envy, heartbreak, infidelity, frustration all fizzle and subside as together the parents slowly establish a camaraderie forged by their common experience of living with a disabled child.”

What readers are saying about If I Could Tell You:

“Hannah Brown’s book is simply a fantastic read. Yes it’s about mothers of autistic children, but you certainly don’t need to be a mother of an autistic child or even interested in autism in order to love this book . . .
I couldn’t put this book down. Hannah’s voice is one that must be heard. Her honesty, empathy and talent for storytelling make this book sing. Don’t miss it. You’ll be passing it to all your friends.”
Miriam Abramowitz, 5 stars on Amazon

“If I Could Tell You is at once a quick-paced realistic novel about a year in the lives of four families with autistic children and a primer on resources and challenges and therapies for such families. Brown seamlessly mixes information with story in a way that is natural and entertaining. Wonderful book.”
MSW New Jersey, 5 stars on Amazon

“Above all, it’s a good story with interesting characters. Without taking anything away from the seriousness of the subject matter, that’s what held my attention and kept me reading it straight through.”
David Colbert, 5 stars on Amazon

“Hannah Brown’s If I Could Tell You couldn’t possibly be more important than now. This is not only the ‘inside’ story of Autism, focusing unblinkingly upon the most intimate moments of children so afflicted and of their caretakers, it’s also a tremendously learned, well-researched narrative that somehow, through Brown’s unique literary alchemy, translates the usual scientific and pseudo-scientific gobbledygook that plagues different descriptions of the disorder into lucid prose I simply couldn’t put down. It was late at night when I presumed I’d take a quick glance at the book, and it was early the next morning when I finally closed it, fully wide-eyed after having savored all 304 pages in the interim!

This is a book that will grip and entertain every bit of you with its surprises, changes-of-direction, humor, and passion; it will also give you tremendous insight into one of the great adversities of our time. Brown is an equal-opportunity observer of the numerous ways physicians, educators, and parents are trying to deal with Autism, inspired by her own position as a mother who’s not only in the trenches herself, but who’s also an activist in the cause to demystify the lives of those who’ve struggled alone and in obscurity for far too long.”
Peter Fulton, 5 stars on Amazon

“Hannah Brown has lived the life of a mother with an autistic child and it shows in this book. It is touching, compelling, gripping and full of wry and wise observations. And it comes in a package that no how-to or autobiography can equal — taking you on a journey into the lives and minds of mothers who deal with this difficult and vexing condition. Ms. Brown is to be congratulated for bringing this subject to life in a unique and stimulating way that is attractive to both those close to autism and not.”
Diebzak, 5 stars on Amazon

“I like the well-drawn characters in If I Could Tell You. I could only imagine the impact of autism on parents before I opened this book, but after a few pages I felt like I knew these mothers and wanted to hear more about what they were experiencing. Hannah Brown was able to take a difficult situation that touched her personally and make it accessible to everyone. It’s impossible not to feel for the families described — but it takes a fine writer like Brown to draw you in.”
A. Panopoulos, 5 stars on Amazon

“I really enjoyed this book. It is unusual in that, while tackling a difficult and heart-rending topic (living with, helping and loving your autistic child while juggling all the rest of your life and loves simultaneously), it was an easy read that never got bogged down. . . Hannah Brown’s characters and situations were, for the most part, very believable. Although addressing a heavy topic, the book was actually fun and easy to read, not preachy or heart-rending, yet instructive and also uplifting, a good book to take on vacation. It isn’t just about autism, and isn’t only for the group of people interested in autism. It is a book about life.”
Phyllis, 5 stars on Amazon

“Like Hannah Brown, I too am the mother of a young man with autism. Therefore, her book means so much to me. Although it is a novel, and the characters are fictitious, I personally felt so much in common with them, and so inspired by their stories, their fears, challenges, and ultimately their self awareness and their personal growth.
Hannah Brown is an excellent writer. She brings a group of strangers together,connected only by their children’s disability, and then with sensitivity and compassion, she creates interesting and intriguing relationships, some loving and some resentful. So, although the common denominator is autism, the book is an inspiring read for absolutely everyone. It is, in my eyes, above all a book of hope and perseverance, of family ties and the true meaning of love and commitment.
I highly recommend If I Could Tell You.”
Toby G., 5 stars on Amazon