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Guest post by Hannah Brown, author of the novel, “If I Could Tell You” about mothers raising autistic children, which will be published in March by Vantage Point Books. Read more about it at hannahbrownbooks.com Hannah is also the movie critic for the Jerusalem Post.

“God doesn’t want to hear us. God wants to hear him.”

The elderly man at a synagogue in Israel who said this was talking about my son. Danny was four, it was Yom Kippur, and Danny couldn’t stay quiet. In addition to being a kid, Danny is also autistic, and hadn’t yet learned to understand that a hush in the room during prayer meant that he wasn’t supposed to make noise. His father had just shushed him when the older man spoke those lovely words.

Read more here http://www.jewlicious.com/2012/03/raising-an-autistic-child-in-israel-who-is-god-listening-to/

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